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Welcome to luffyxnami, a community dedicated to the pairing of Luffy and Nami of One Piece. If you like these two together, join and start posting!

1. Introductions are welcomed. Feel free to discuss anything relating to these two characters including: reasons they're good together,what you like about them together or as individual characters.

2. Please keep things as civil as possible. If you have problems with another poster, take it to e-mail/IM/whatever. Just keep it private. Flames will not be tolerated.

3. If your post is going to contain spoilers, please simply give us a warning as to how far your spoilers extend (Example: "This post contains spoilers for anything up to episode 46").

4. Fanworks of any kinds are extremely encouraged! Fanfics, fanart,
wallpapers, Doujinshi scans, icons, etc. Bring them all on! If you post anything that uses the work of someone else (for example, graphics using fanart you didn't draw), please credit that person by name. A link to their site/gallery/etc. is encouraged, but not required. If you don't know who the artist is, you're welcome to post the art in question and ask for the source. I'm sure someone here can help you. This applies more to actual fanart than it does to doujinshi (as in, doujinshi you can actually buy). If you have any questions about this rule, feel free to ask!

5. Please put all NC-17/R-rated materials under an LJ cut. Please do
the same with large images and icons.

6. DO NOT FLAME OTHER PAIRINGS SHIPPERS! There are people who ship other pairings beside Luffy/Nami in this community , so respect that , please! The community is dedicated to Luffy/Nami and only Luffy/Nami!

7. You're welcome to be fans of other pairings, but you must like
LuffyxNami too.

8. Please do not join the community just to argue with people and
try to disprove this pairing.

9. Please refrain from advertising other communities here. It has been allowed in the past, but from now on, it's against the rules. If you'd like to affiliate a related community with this one, please comment on an entry in either of the mods' journals.

 If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please contact the mod.
by email at : archica@clinically-cynical.com

or asami@art-flavor.net

or through our LiveJournals:

1. archica
2. asami_san

You can also visit our LuffyxNami websites:
Pirate Love (By Archica) and
Kaizoku Ai (By Asami-san).

frankyxrobin - Franky/Robin
zorobin - Zoro/Robin
usokaya - Usopp/Kaya
cook_book - Sanji/Robin
greentangarine - Zoro/Nami
thief_cook_love - Sanji/Nami

Have a One Piece couple community (het, yaoi, yuri, etc.)? Contact
us to be affiliates!
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